Destinee – is the creative director of Dreambit Media and one of it’s Co-Founders. She received a Bachelors in 2D Animation and also holds a Masters Degree in SXF and 3D Animation. She has a desire to bring different ideas and art to the forefront of the animation world. She’s driven and hard working and finds inspiration in everything around her.  She’s a fighter and will do whatever she can for her team.

She believes that when you have a dream you should let nothing stand in your way…everything you learn and will learn makes a difference. Dreambit Media…where every little bit counts…especially when working to make dreams come true.

Jackie – is a Co-Founder of Dreambit Media and is one of the creative minds behind Pudin & Flan. She received a Bachelors in 3D Computer Animation. Her primary interests are in website design, marketing, advertisement, programming, and creative writing, all of which she brings to Dreambit Media. 

She loves PC gaming, the Kingdom Hearts series, Disney animated films and will happily talk your ear off about any of those things. She is overtly clumsy and making it through every day is an amazing success!

James – Funky, fun, funny, and a little bit controversial. These are words that describe James. He takes pride in his work and has fun doing it. Telling a story and opening minds are the goals he sets with the art he puts out.

Over the course of his art career James has learned to draw inspiration from all facets of life, good and bad. Through this, a number of different styles have been created, each with a flare unique to the story being told. James is the lead artist for Dreambit Media.